Putting important things in small hands

When a child is able to pick up a crayon and make their first ‘scribble’ picture on a piece of paper, it’s a moment of congratulation and celebration. The same goes for the first cut with a pair of paper scissors.

Both these actions can be taken for granted, but they’re an important sign that essential hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills are being developed.

But what when there are no crayons, no paper on which to draw or scissors to practice cutting?

The crèches we support in disadvantaged areas do the best they can, with the best will in the world, but few to no resources.

And that’s why we’re hoping you’ll want to help by making your donation here.

Common items like pencils, Koki’s, crayons, paper, scissors, and colouring in books are a luxury in these places. And the children being cared for there are suffering a further disadvantage in addition to the poverty in which they live.

If you care about these children who are missing out, or if you want to do something special for Lent, then please click here to donate now, so that we can put stationery into the crèches that HOPE Africa – and friends like you – support.

Your sacrifice – in whatever amount - to put important things in small hands, will be a huge blessing.

Donations in kind are also most welcome. Please will you help – today?

Picking up the pieces after devastating cyclone

The Synod of Bishops, held in February 2017 in Benoni, received reports and updates about the loss of life and devastation caused by tropical cylone Dineo, that made landfall on 15 February 2017, in Inhambane in Mozambique.

The storm continued to cause devastation over the days that followed in Mozambique, Swaziland and parts of South Africa.

Heavy rains, wind and flooding have destroyed crops and many communities lost their livestock.

Seven people died, while another 150 were injured. A total of 170 000 people have been affected by the storms in Mozambique. Roads and bridges were damaged or swept away, and homes, hospitals, schools and church property was damaged.

Many communities will soon be faced with food and water shortages, waterborne diseases and homelessness.

It is for this reason that the Synod of Bishops resolved that the Anglican Church needs to be supportive of our Brothers and Sisters in need. We humbly request that you, your Parish and your extended networks consider making donations to this cause.

These families are dependent on livestock and crops as a source of livelihood. Your donations will assist in distributing food until communities can harvest crops again. 

What your donation will buy:

  • R100 will buy 10 kilograms of maize meal and beans for a family of five
  • R600 will provide a food parcel for a family of 5 (non-perishable food items such as oil, maize meal, sugar, tea and other nutritious food items)
  • R2 000 will proivide 200 families with 75 litres of water each

Your donation will be a blessing as we pray for the families and communities in the affected areas.

You can make your online donation by clicking here – or by making a direct deposit or electronic funds transfer into our bank account (please be sure to send us your details so that we can send you your tax certificate, where applicable. Please forward your deposit slip to donna@hopeafrica.org.za if you donate in this manner).

Bank: First National Bank
Account name: HOPE Africa
Account number: 62047177515
Branch code: 201 409
Reference: Dineo appeal and your name



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One of the greatest stories ever told never actually happened. It was fiction. But we know that fiction may speak truths in the clearest and most convincing [and convicting] manner possible. The story is the parable that Jesus told of THE PRODIGAL SON. [more]



At our recent Strategic Planning HOPE Africa decided to change the last word in our full name from Health, Opportunity, Partnership, Employment to Empowerment.  This was done to reflect what our work is currently all about.  While we feel that employment is important, we rather empower and equip people with the necessary skill to find employment.


We Will Speak Out is a coalition committed to demonstrating, mobilising, and equipping leadership to end the pain of sexual violence across the world. We recognize that together, we need to speak out against sexual violence and break the silence that exists. Let us join hands and work together to change this story forever. [more]


18 August 2013       

The Church is calling on each of the four million Anglicans living in Southern Africa to make an investment in the future of the church by supporting theological education.



HOPE Africa's Board of Directors welcomed a new face at last week's AGM.



An enthusiastic HOPE Africa team visited the Diocese of Kimberley and Kuruman from 24-26 July to distribute blankets and food parcels to seven project sites benefitting from our partnership with the Independent Development Trust (IDT).



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