Dear Friends in Christ

One cannot imagine the trauma and grief that the people of Mozambique must be going through after the recent flooding they have experienced. Many communities in the northern parts of Mozambique have lost their loved ones, homes, household possessions, clothes, animals and crops.  According to the Business Day of 28 January 2015, 100 people have died and about 150 000 people left homeless. 

Can you imagine being in a situation of absolute despair, having no food, shelter, clean water or electricity and having to find ways for you and your family to survive in a flood engulfed area that will give rise to water borne diseases?

Bishop Mark Van Koevering, Bishop of the Diocese of Niassa which covers the northern part of Mozambique, shared with the Synod of Bishops last week about the work that the local church is doing to bring hope in a situation of utter despair.  We ask for your continued prayers for the safety and wellbeing for the people of Mozambique and for the helping hands of hope through the tireless efforts of Bishop Mark and the members of the Diocese of Niassa. 

I also earnestly appeal for your generous financial support to enable Bishop Mark and his dedicated team to assist the affected families and communities to provide for their immediate needs, while also rebuilding their homesteads and livelihoods.

  • R100.00 will provide 4 families with water purification systems.
  • R100.00 will provide two families with a mosquito net each.
  • R100.00 will provide one family with a hoe and seeds to start planting crops
  • With R220.00 the Diocese is able to provide maize for one family

Dear people of God, I urge you to please use the dedicated bank account provided by HOPE Africa to give your support for the people of the Diocese of Niassa.  Let us continue to be the hands and feet of Christ, doing our little bit to restore dignity to God’s people.

Name of Account:  HOPE Africa
Bank:                      Standard Bank of SA
Branch code:         0909
Account No:           07 023 8545
Ref No:                   Moz flood relief

Do forward all deposit slips to: HOPE Africa, P O Box 830, Cape Town, 8000 for record keeping and acknowledgement purposes.  Please do not send any cash in the mail.

Thank you in anticipation for your kind generosity.

Yours in the service of Christ

The Most Reverend Dr Thabo Makgoba
Archbishop of Cape Town

PS With your generous help, the Diocese of Niassa aims to assist 1000 families in the following way:
3 bottles of water purifier to help treat drinking water and minimize diarrhea cases
3 buckets of maize (about 50kg) per family.
  1 mosquito net per family to help re- duce mosquito bites for the most vul- nerable, children or pregnant mothers
  1 hoe per family
2kg of fast-germinating maize seeds
for planting
10g each of kale & tomato seeds



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