Your support today will help make
their future brighter

Thanks to our loyal friends like you we could give Thandi a lifeline at Masande Educare in Khayelitsha when she came to us broken and alone . . .

. . . and we so wish we could tell you that Thandi’s future is secure – that this child won’t have to beg for food or spend her days alone and miserable – but we can’t.

These children deserve a chance at a brighter future.
Your gift will help give them a solid foundation.

You see, if Masande Educare is to keep its doors open and continue to be the safe haven it is, the crèche desperately needs more funds . . . and that’s why we need your urgent help today.

Your online donation here will help give young children like Thandi the safety of a kindergarten where they can learn and play – along with a healthy meal each day.

With unemployment and poverty on the increase and the ravages of HIV/ Aids taking its toll on many families – parents can’t afford school fees. And Ma Ntombentsha’s battling to provide for the growing number of children that arrive on her doorstep.

If she turns these little ones away there’s no telling where they’ll end up. Begging on street corners might be their only option – and you’ll know that the streets are no place for children!

Please give as generously as you can. Your donation here will give children more than a chance to learn – you’ll be giving them a chance to thrive!

Simple items like stationery; books, educational charts, crayons and pencils will give the youngsters hours of stimulation and fun. And what’s more, you’ll be giving them basic skills that’ll help them to excel later in life.

So please make your donation right away and give them the chance for a brighter future.










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  Launch of We Will Speak Out South Africa

We Will Speak Out is a coalition committed to demonstrating, mobilising, and equipping leadership to end the pain of sexual violence across the world. We recognize that together, we need to speak out against sexual violence and break the silence that exists. Let us join hands and work together to change this story forever. [more]

18 August 2013       

The Church is calling on each of the four million Anglicans living in Southern Africa to make an investment in the future of the church by supporting theological education.



HOPE Africa's Board of Directors welcomed a new face at last week's AGM.



An enthusiastic HOPE Africa team visited the Diocese of Kimberley and Kuruman from 24-26 July to distribute blankets and food parcels to seven project sites benefitting from our partnership with the Independent Development Trust (IDT).



HOPE Africa, under the guidance of consultant Rev. Chris Ahrends, recently visited St. James Mission Hospital in Mantsonyane in the Diocese of Lesotho to assist in creating a Strategic Plan for 2020.



HOPE Africa and Archbishop Thabo joined the world in celebrating Nelson Mandela's 95th birthday today.



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