To promote and implement a social development programme for the Anglican Church in Southern Africa for the improvement of the Spiritual, Physical and Emotional Well Being of the Poor and Oppressed People of Africa on a non-denominational basis.

  Building the capacity of the Anglican Church in Southern Africa by facilitating effective development work through partnerships
  • Developing the current infrastructure of the ACSA and its dioceses
  • Building cohesion and a common vision
  • Enhancing the impact and strengthening the ACSA’s voice in global ethics and values.
  • To locate the church as a partner in development in National, regional and global affairs
  • Building partnerships for networking and alignment
  • Skills training and education
  “Luke 4:18 – 19”
  • The Christian mission calls us to Love God, Love our neighbour and follow the example of Jesus Christ.
  • We are called to express our faith in actions of love and prayer.
  • We are God’s partners in the stewardship of the creation.
  • “I came that they might have life and have it abundantly”

What is Mission? Mission is not an extended arm of the Church, it is the Church. We cannot prophess to be Christ Followers when we are an inward looking church. Jesus spent more time with those who lived on the margins of society; with women, tax collectors and lepars and it is there that we are called to work and minister. (Galatians 2: 10)

Jesus dealt with the poor on a one to one basis and in the OT we see how the systems of poverty are dealt with: Farmers were taught not to harvest their fields all the way to the edge, so that there could be some land for those who do not own land, to work the land and receive a just reward.

The Year of Jubilee declared that anyone who had to sell their ancestral land in order to pay their debt, would have that land returned to them every 50 years.
The church needs to move beyond charity and focus more on development and justice.

John 20:21 As the Father sent me, so I send you. We are the adopted daughters and sons of God, brothers and sisters of Jesus and so we are compelled to communicate his message to the world and that is that God gives life and power through the Holy Spirit to us, the church and we must go into the world to fulfill the message of Jesus.


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